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The Color of Joy

Spring is in the air! Or if you're from West Texas, this is false summer season where we hit a few random days of mid-July heat then drop back down to the 80's for a bit and it's "spring" again.

Amidst all the craziness happening in the world we, as artists and people, hope to bring joy and happiness to the world.

Color is one of the most wonderful forms of expression for us. We use it to decorate the surface of our pottery to tell stories and express our truest selves.

Bright colors bring happiness, fond memories, and fill us with pleasant emotions. And lately, honestly, we've been needing those bright colors.

If you can, take a moment and look around, find something that brings you happiness, joy, something that fills your spirit with light and makes you smile. Remember the memory associated with that feeling, that picture, that piece of wonderful that is part of your world that is significantly special to you and let that surround you like a warm blanket.

Hopefully you are filled with happy thoughts and good vibes, and if you can, go and share that with someone. Joy is a color seen and felt by all who come in contact with it. Some see it as a beautiful blue sky frosted with soft clouds, others a vibrant yellow bud just starting to bloom or a glittering silver fish in a stream of tranquility; when you share your joy with others, they can see it too!

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