Playing in the Mud Since 1971

Our team is an incredible source of information, inspiration, and dedication to everything The StarKeeper Gallery and Roger Allen Pottery stands for. We’re so happy to work in something that we love so much, and invite you to learn more about us below.


Founder 1971-2019

We wouldn't exist today if it weren't for the amazing human, and StarKeeper, who was Roger Allen. Though his passing in 2019 brought changes to our daily lives and the community he started, we carry on his legacy and name through the pottery studio he started back in 1971. Roger's establishment of our production pottery studio led to the creation of The StarKeeper, our signature story pottery, and through this studio he and the artists he trained and employed over the years developed the many colorful and beautiful ceramics we continue to create today. Our brand of pottery carries his name in honor of the legacy he started in life and lives on through the art he inspired.


Owner - Fearless Artistic Leader

Taking over as leading lady, running our pottery studio after Roger's passing, has come with challenges and Pam has stepped up fantastically to face every single one. Encouraging her crack team of potters and artists to keep the work flowing and inspiration running high, she's a ball of energy that lights up the studio and keeps us moving forward.


Lead Production and Renaissance Artist

Starting as a college intern and moving up through the shop learning as many aspects of the production studio as possible, Kassie is our go-to-gal for all things studio related. She's our lead production painter, master of mixes, media mistress, general fixer, and more; a regular renaissance woman.


Production Thrower - Clay Wizardess

We are lucky to have an amazing team and we wouldn't have any pots if it weren't for our skilled production throwers. Becca brings an amazing energy to our production studio with a smile and a positive mental attitude she tackles the heavy task of keeping our green-ware shelves full so we can make all kinds of wonderful pottery and then some.


Production Thrower - Clay Wizard

We are doubly lucky to have two amazing throwers on our team. Horacio brings a great level of experience to our line of pots and his knowledge and skill continues to grow as he puts those throwing muscles to use in the studio. We are confident in his responsibility of keeping our green-ware well stocked for future projects.


Production Assistant Extraordinaire

With so many wheels turning, kilns firing, and glazing to be done we need someone with extraordinary multitasking skills and drive. That person, ladies and gentlemen, is our wonderful Chandra. She's always running between the multitude of tasks that need to be done on the production line as well as helping to decorate and design our unique and beautiful pottery.





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