As the StarKeeper rises in the morning to gather the stars so too can you raise your mug in celebration of the light and life around you with a specialty StarKeeper Beer Mug!


The story of The StarKeeper is one of the cornerstones of our line of work and is our most beloved image created by our studio. These special mugs celebrate the "Star Light, Star Bright" portion of the story where the StarKeeper places the brightest and most special star back in the sky as night falls. The swirling colors in the background take inspiration from Van Gough's Starry Starry Night and a bit from folk art designs to create an amazing visual experience sure to bring pleasure and happiness to all who see it.


"Psssstttt.... We're All StarKeepers!" 


Approximate Size: 7" tall x 4" mouth (6" width at handle)

Individual sizes may vary within 1/4" due to the handmade nature of each piece

StarKeeper Specialty Beer Mug

  • All of our pottery is wheel thrown, there are no molds or slip casts used in the making of our pieces. Each piece is handled 40-60 times as it is shaped, trimmed, colored, fired, glazed, and fired again creating a beautiful finished piece of functional art. Because of the handmade quality of our pottery there are slight variations in size, shape, and design.

    All our dinnerware is food safe and microwave safe.

    We recommend handwashing your pieces so that you can be sure to enjoy your pieces for a long time.

    If you do put them in the dishwasher, we recommend you place pieces in the top rack and to use a non-abrasive, phosphate free detergent to avoid etching the shiny finish over time.



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