Is it a soap dish? Jewelry holder? Candle stand? How about we put a cupcake on there? In our opinion pottery can be many things and can serve multiple purposes and with these specialty dishes the use is only limited by your imagingation.


Double sided for your viewing pleasure, these are fun and funky little pieces of art that can add a bit of whimsy to any decor situation. They are approximately 2-3 inches tall and 5-6 inches wide at the dish. These elevated little beauties are just waiting to see what you come up with!


Be cause of the nature of our handmade each one is a work of art, with slight nuances in shape and color, they are unique and beatiful.

Specialty Dish - Tribal Turtle

  • All of our pottery is wheel thrown, there are no molds or slip casts used in the making of our pieces. Each piece is handled 40-60 times as it is shaped, trimmed, colored, fired, glazed, and fired again creating a beautiful finished piece of functional art. Because of the handmade quality of our pottery there are slight variations in size, shape, and design.

    All our dinnerware is food safe and microwave safe.

    We recommend handwashing your pieces so that you can be sure to enjoy your pieces for a long time.

    If you do put them in the dishwasher, we recommend you place pieces in the top rack and to use a non-abrasive, phosphate free detergent to avoid etching the shiny finish over time.



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