Godesses come in all forms and some even have fins! Our Mermaids are fun and lively with a variety of colors, corals, and fishy friends; this siren's call can give you the good vibes wherever you need a bit of fun.


Like everything we do, these beauties are made by hand and painted with colorful underglazes to capture the enchanting aquatic landscape and creatures of the deep. 


Pasta bowls/plates, can be used for a variety of food stuffs, soups, salads, desserts, or whatever you desire to eat out of them! They are, of course, food safe, microwave safe, and can be put in the dishwasher (though we always recommend hand-washing your pottery). 


Approximate Size: 10.75" x 2"

Individual sizes may vary within 1/4" due to the handmade nature of each piece

Mermaid Pasta Bowl/Plate

  • All of our pottery is wheel thrown, there are no molds or slip casts used in the making of our pieces. Each piece is handled 40-60 times as it is shaped, trimmed, colored, fired, glazed, and fired again creating a beautiful finished piece of functional art. Because of the handmade quality of our pottery there are slight variations in size, shape, and design.

    All our dinnerware is food safe and microwave safe.

    We recommend handwashing your pieces so that you can be sure to enjoy your pieces for a long time.

    If you do put them in the dishwasher, we recommend you place pieces in the top rack and to use a non-abrasive, phosphate free detergent to avoid etching the shiny finish over time.