Now don't get your panties in a twist! Big Ass Dancer is a term of enderment around here... as the story goes if you haven't been to London, Texas on a Starry, Starry Night with a cold longneck in one hand and a big ass dancer in the other... you still have so livin' to do!


Along with the StarKeeper the Dancer is one of our illustrated stories and she's featured on a variety of ceramic wares that we produce. An image of celebration, creation, life, and color; the Big Ass Dancer is a Goddess of Beauty and Love and is one of many, but still unique and one of a kind.


Approximate Size: 11" tall x 6" at it's widest

11" Big Ass Dancer Vase

  • All of our pottery is wheel thrown, there are no molds or slip casts used in the making of our pieces. Each piece is handled 40-60 times as it is shaped, trimmed, colored, fired, glazed, and fired again creating a beautiful finished piece of functional art. Because of the handmade quality of our pottery there are slight variations in size, shape, and design.

    Illustrated Story pots are hand-painted, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. They contain beautiful painterly strokes and nuances in the image and surface of each individual piece. No two are ever the same... though we do try our best!